Escursione via mare: - Escursione alla Baia delle Anfore

Every day Morning anf afternoon from Costa Rei

Departure from Costa Rei beach at 09.00 am, 2.30 pm in the afternoon. Sailing along the coast with a route going North, you can admire the wide and white bay of Costa Rei. Shortly after arriving in Porto Pirastu, a small bay where the ancient Roman port was located, dominated by an ancient proto-nuraghe and the Spanish tower of Monti Ferru, moving slowly, you will appreciate the granite cliff overlooking the sea of ​​Capo Ferrato. and the old homonymous lighthouse. During the navigation you will be able to observe with wonder the "dry of the Cicale" and immediately after the Baia delle Anfore. Immersing yourself even with the mask will be an unforgettable experience, a colorful backdrop made up of a thick prairie of posidonia will frame an impressive amount of shards of Roman amphorae, presumably remains of an ancient shipwreck. Resuming navigation will head for the Calette di Feraxi to dive into a crystal clear water. Return scheduled at 11.30 or 17.00.